Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Weirdness From My Land!

I'm weird. I freely admit that. Sometimes, I'm weirder than others. But I am most definitely weird! Sometimes that weirdness rubs off onto my kids and most of the time they don't realize they are being weird, but one day they will all too aware of their weirdness.

I quote movies and TV shows. Noodle does this a lot too, Lewlew does it some and Buddy just says "what does this remind you of?" and then tells me what movie he was thinking about.

"Friends" is highly quotable. As far as movies, "Steel Magnolia's" "The Help" "The Blind Side" "Fried Green Tomatoes" and almost any Disney movie. I realize two of these chick flicks are old. But it's awesome when someone knows what movie you're quoting.

For a couple of years, when I drop the kids off at school, I'd say my little mantra. "Have a good day, be safe, make wise choices, learn something!" The 'Learn Something' comes from the Blind Side and that was the one part that I liked to yell. It embarrassed Noodle. ;)

This year my favorite is, "Have a good day, be safe, make wise choices, Cross your ankles! I love ya!" The last 2 come from the movie "The Help". In the clip, Skeeter is going on her first date in a long time. They live in Mississippi so it's hot and humid and Skeeter's hair stays to it's natural curliness. Her mom ordered a machine to help straighten Skeeter's hair. They are both pretty surprised with the turn out. However, doing Skeeter's hair took longer than expected so she was running late. As she's running to get in the truck, her mom is yelling out dating tips. The part that I quote is at about second 50 to 1.00. Take a look.... (I think you'll have to click on the Youtube link to view it.)

 The clip goes on to show that date - something Noodle quotes quite often and even to kids at school. ("Were you dropped on your head as an infant or are you always this way?" she substitutes "stupid.")

Anywho....nearly every morning I say my little mantra and the girls always join in at the cross your ankles part.

When we are in a store and Noodle knows I'm close she won't call out "Mom?" because she says there are too many mom's. So her new name for me is Sandrine. And believe it or not, it works. I hear "Sandrine???" and I know that's Noodle. :)  That came from the "Friends" episode where Rachel and Ross are choosing names for their baby.

We are weird but I don't mind because we laugh, a lot, and if it takes being weird to have as much laughter as we have, then I'll take it!!